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How do you experience green spaces in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam needs more houses. The city wants to realise this within the city limits, and that means that the city must become more compact. But what does that mean for your neighbourhood? Won’t that become too crowded? The experience with Corona show that in some places there is now already not enough green space for everyone. How can the city ensure that there is enough green space in the new neighbourhoods to relax, play, sport and meet each other?

We are researching how people experience public space in, and around, those places where the City is planning to build more houses. Will you join us? You can show which places are important for you – to rest, do sports, or just because they are pretty… Or the places you don’t like – that are too noisy or unsafe and actually need a facelift.

We have found that in some neighbourhoods planned high-rise developments will mean less green space area per person, while there are also proportionally more people with reason to have more need for green spaces close by – lower income, depression or physical disability. We have grouped these neighbourhoods into nine ‘neighbourhoods of special interest’. They are in part grouped by larger parks that residents are likely to share. We would especially like to hear from people who live in these neighbourhoods! We are also interested to hear from people who have other connections with the neighbourhoods or use the parks or any other green spaces in or around these areas.