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From the Tassie bush to Mijn Park Amsterdam!

I grew up in the Tasmanian ‘bush’. There I never thought twice about the importance of green spaces and being outside for people’s physical and mental health – I pretty much lived outside, climbed trees and walked barefoot. You couldn’t see another house from ours, only forest, paddocks, hills! Now I live on the third floor in Amsterdam. Sometimes I miss the bush – mostly not. But, I do want my two daughters to find the ‘outside-life’ normal. That they learn to climb trees and that it feels so good to walk with bare feet! Thankfully we live in Buitenveldert and have at least more [...]

Where are the results and how is Mijn Park related to the Grote Groen?

8 October I received the last data export for the Mijn Park app from my colleagues in Vienna. You might ask why all the way from Vienna? That is because my project and my PhD research is part of the European research project ‘LandSense’.  This project is about involving citizens in carrying out science about changes in land use. In France they are asking hikers to update topographical maps digitally with an app. In Spain they are developing an app whereby volunteers can report and map threats to birds. My research is about how people use and experience urban green spaces and how that knowledge more [...]


The fresh-but-sunny autumn morning promised a fine day when I arrived at our market staal on the Rembrandtparkfestival last Sunday. Together with the ‘Rembrandtpark-team’ of the Gemeente Amsterdam we set up our staal with banners from the Gemeente and the IVM, some simple visualisations of results and a large map of the park. On this map people could give indicate their favourite place in the Rembrandtpark. The festival was well-visited and there was a lot of interest at our stall – people who had done the Mijn Park app were of course interested in the results, people who had not done more [...]

Extended by one month!

We need more people - so we are giving you another month to let us hear from you! You now have till the end of September to download the app and take part. I would like to thank the people who have already contributed with the Mijn Park app. We have already collected alot of information from you, but... we would really love more people to take part - only then can we have a good picture of how people use and experience the Rembrandtpark. I want to explain to you why it is important that many people take part. If we look at the graph about satisfaction we see that most people indicate they are more [...]

The running score

Do people want a café in the Rembrandtpark or not? On a warm summer’s day I went to the Buurtcamping to gather some people for a tour of the park. One of the first comments I got was ‘we really need a small café or something’. His neighbour immediately replied: ‘noooo, don’t do that, please just leave it to nature’. When I received a intermediate data export from my colleagues in Vienna I decided to see what people think. If you look at the graph below you can see that more people want more catering (50% are for, 39% against). But if you look closer at the more strong opinions, more [...]

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