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Where are the results and how is Mijn Park related to the Grote Groen?

8 October I received the last data export for the Mijn Park app from my colleagues in Vienna. You might ask why all the way from Vienna? That is because my project and my PhD research is part of the European research project ‘LandSense’.  This project is about involving citizens in carrying out science about changes in land use. In France they are asking hikers to update topographical maps digitally with an app. In Spain they are developing an app whereby volunteers can report and map threats to birds. My research is about how people use and experience urban green spaces and how that knowledge more [...]


As promised, there was a raffle amongst participants of the app.

I wrote a script in the program that I use for data analysis (R in RStudio) that randomly picked 10 participants by their user id and then matched that to their email address, which was stored elsewhere. The first five won the Artis tickets and the next five won VVV giftcards.

Congratulations to the winners:
Of the Artis tickets: Hugo, Bogdan, Ingrid, Mariken & Ioana!
VVV giftcards: Tamara, Christiaan, Enrico, Bouke & Martina!

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I started visiting all the locations we use in the app in order to make an inventory of the landscape characteristics (for example if there are more trees or grass, is it close to water etc). I also started observing people (I feel like an anthropologist) and I have already learned alot about the park. In my observations I note how many people I see at the location and what they are doing (cycling, laying down, picnicking etc). For example the location in the top photo was being used for meditation, the bottom photo as a public toilet (eww!) more [...]

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