Why is there not much space for input of my own opinion?

The aim is to find out how users of the park experience different locations and how satisfied they are with aspects of the location. This research wants to measure people’s reaction to their environment, rather than simply asking their opinion.

But why can’t I just say what I think?

We want to do this in a way that gives all park users the chance to take part. Via the app, all the responses are collected and analysed to give an indication of what the preferences of the ‘crowd’, or the average park user, is at certain locations. We can then compare this to other aspects of the location and determine what it is about that location that makes people feel a certain way.

If everyone could just give their opinion we could in theory get 1000 different opinions, making it very difficult to choose options that are the best for everyone.

Why is it called crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing means that information or data (like money in crowdfunding), used in scientific research is gathered from the crowd. However, it might be more accurate to call it ‘crowdsensing’… This is because the respondents aren’t directly collecting data, but are responding with their feelings about certain locations – therefore ‘sensing’ their environment.

How can the information be used?

City planners face a difficult task. The city needs to house more people, while giving them all sufficient and attractive green space. In order to be able to make and maintain that green space in a way that is remains accessible and attractive for everyone we need to know more about how people feel in green spaces. For example, what causes them to find one location more relaxing, or unsafe, than another?

Using the app to collect this kind of information we can gather many responses to ensure the results are representative of many people and averaged out over different times of day and types of weather.