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Osdorp area

If you live close to Osdorpplein, then you already know it – there’s a lot of building going on. According to the website of the City of Amsterdam the square will be renovated and grow out to be ‘the heart of stadsdeel Nieuw-West on the Sloterplas.’ Currently 760 homes are being built. Between now and 2022 the building of 868 more will be started. This means that on and around Osdorpplein will become much more compact. We wonder: what does this mean for green spaces in the area?

Building plans Osdorpplein and surroundings – reference 3.
Numbers of homes planned in Osdorpplein.

To answer this question we want to know from residents which green spaces they value now: small or large, very green or a bit grey, to relax or to do sports…. We have set up a survey where you can indicate on a map which places you find valuable and which ones you like less. And we would love to hear your opinions.

In the new plans for Osdorpplein the City of Amsterdam is considering “places to recreate and relax. Just as more space for water and green. We want to make that possible step-by-step in the coming years.” In the document where the City answers concerns and questions raised in public participation we can read that green spaces will return in the forms of community gardens, green roofs and walls and small parks. Is this enough to fulfill the needs of residents – that is what we want to know!?

Description approach green and public spaces. terugkoppeldocument – reference 4.
Possible plan Osdorpplein – reference 5.

Our research is independent and aims to gain insight in the tensions between housing and green space, relaxation and liveliness, nature and recreation. The survey is meant for all neighbourhoods where many new homes are being built, including Osdorpplein and surroundings. If you live or work here, or come for any reason we would love to hear from you: DOE MEE

Possible plans southside Osdorpplein – reference 5.