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Here you will find a selection of results up to August 2021. I hope to publish even more results with an interactive map as soon as I have finished the full analysis, but for now these will give you an insight into what people have indicated.

Demand for green spaces

In the first graph you can see an overview of the functions people find the most important, and which distance they need them. You can see for example that quiet and relaxing places and a neighbourhood feeling are needed close by by more than half of the respondents. Most people are more prepared to travel further for sport functions and for cafes.

An overview of the functions that people need and at which distance.


People could indicate places they value in the survey. For each place they indicated they were asked what they use that place for. Below you can see a graph showing how many places were indicated per function. You can see that people most often indicated the places they use to relax, watch nature, to walk, to meet others and to cool down.

An overview of the types of use people indicated on the map

Functional green spaces

An analysis of which functions occur together most often suggested that there are a number of groups or bundles, of functions. Relaxing and cooling were often indicated together, which we call the quiet functions. Also walking and contact with nature was indicated together often, these we call the nature functions. And, meeting others, play, sport and running were indicated together often and these we call the social functions. The map below shows all the places that were indicated in the survey, grouped into these bundles. For some locations people also wrote something about that location. If you click on a location you can read what they wrote.


We used the indicated locations to let the computer calculate (model) which green spaces in Amsterdam are also suitable for these functional bundles. This was calculated using vegetation characteristics such as percentage cover of trees, size and shape of vegetation patch, size and shape of park or place and distance from water. As we can see, many more places are suitable for social functions and mainly the larger green spaces are suitable for quiet and nature functions as well.

Map of multifunctionality as calculated using input from the survey