We need more people – so we are giving you another month to let us hear from you! You now have till the end of September to download the app and take part. I would like to thank the people who have already contributed with the Mijn Park app. We have already collected alot of information from you, but… we would really love more people to take part – only then can we have a good picture of how people use and experience the Rembrandtpark.

I want to explain to you why it is important that many people take part. If we look at the graph about satisfaction we see that most people indicate they are generally satisfied with the items in question. Does this mean that nothing has to change, that ‘everything is fine – we can’t satisfy everyone anyway’…? We actually don’t have enough information to really say anything about that.

If we look closely we can see that there are some issues where people are less satisfied. These are: the availability of sitting areas; cleanliness; availability of childrens’ playgrounds and availability of facilities for recreation and sport. For each of these issues more than 20% of respondents were not, or not at all, satisfied. In order to give good advice with this information we first need more background information.

We have not yet been able to look at the background information of respondents (this is stored apart for privacy reasons). When we do have that we can see if it is perhaps certain groups that are less satisfied with specific aspects of the park.
As an example: people with children. It is possible that people with children are less satisfied with the availability of childrens’ playgrounds in the park. But, if the larger portion of respondents do not have children and are (therefore) satisfied, the general results show that most people are satisfied with the availability of playgrounds.

That is – we can get much better insights if we look at the results together with background information – we have to be careful with generalisations. Again, our example, what if people with children do not come to the park as often because ther are not happy with the playgrounds. In order to analyse this correctly we need two things: 1.  the background information of respondents and of the surrounding neighbourhoods and 2. more people that take part so that all groups (old/young, single/families, higher/lower educated, sporters/picknicker etc.) are represented fairly. Only then can we begin with a good analysis.

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