Do people want a café in the Rembrandtpark or not? On a warm summer’s day I went to the Buurtcamping to gather some people for a tour of the park. One of the first comments I got was ‘we really need a small café or something’. His neighbour immediately replied: ‘noooo, don’t do that, please just leave it to nature’. When I received a intermediate data export from my colleagues in Vienna I decided to see what people think.

If you look at the graph below you can see that more people want more catering (50% are for, 39% against). But if you look closer at the more strong opinions, you can see that just as many people are strongly against (‘not at all necessary’ = 18%) as strongly for (‘very necessary’= 18%). How do you take this with you in decision-making as Municipality?

The same counts for regulation of barbecues -> just as many people are against as for. What should the Municipality do with this?

For more insight I should dive further into the data – as an example, let’s look at the other results that do look a bit more decisive in the graph. For example: most people (49%) don’t want less dogs in the park. But… some (20%) do want less dogs. I don’t have the personal information yet (this is stored separately for privacy reasons), but when I do have these I could have a look to see if this 20% is a certain group.

For example, what if this 20% was largely a (cultural) minority? Perhaps they would then visit the park more if less dogs were in the park, or if dog-free areas were more clear. Considering the fact that we want to make the park more inclusive for everyone, these questions are important.

Also important is the need for more respondents. More people = more insight! Please ask everyone to join in !

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